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You should create a PWA for your company or nonprofit if you don't already have one...

October 6, 2021

I expect Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to continue to increase in use. And for more companies and nonprofits to get on board. 

They are lightweight, user-friendly, personalized, and can be installed on your iPhone or Android.

So you can be right on people’s phones next to all their native apps for convenient and fast access...

to keep them thinking of you. 

Many times you don't need all the features of native apps.

Clean and easy can be better for your users...and they are less expensive than native apps to develop and maintain.

I learned about PWAs a year ago from Steve Albers (from the United States Digital Service) who presented our MeetUp in Maryland at TEKsystems office. 

And after seeing Steve’s impressive presentation, our team did more research and testing. Then we started making PWAs for our clients.

I personally love the idea of not being forced to go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download to your phone. 

But if you want you can publish your PWA in the Google Play app store and Microsoft app store. As those two big players are letting people choose. I applaud that move. I am waiting on Apple to open this up too. Let's make that happen. If enough people want it to happen...it will. 

But a reminder, you don’t need to put your PWA in the app store anyway because people can install them on their iPhone or Android without going there or to any app marketplace.

PWAs have been around for many years. Sometimes things take time to become noticed and improved before being widely accepted and used. 

I am not saying you have to abandon your native apps, you can have both if needed. 

But I would recommend you start creating your PWA user experience now so you stay ahead...

Google now even includes PWAs in their Lighthouse reports...

And there is a PWA Summit today and tomorrow (October 6 and 7) that is organized by Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Intel. 

They are becoming a part of our Datamize client’s data intelligence, technology, digital marketing, and experience programs...for both companies and nonprofits. 

Check out the “how to download on your iPhone” video showing a PWA that our Datamize team recently created for our client Elite Jets.  

Elite Jets is a modern and growing private jet charter company with its own fleet and private terminal in Naples, Florida. Their PWA is for their customers only. So if you want to use it to get a personalized experience you have to book a flight on one of their jets. And if you want to buy me a flight...that’s cool too. 

And for you nonprofit leaders, here is a “how to download on your Android” video in the comments showing another PWA we created for a growing NPO client of ours... the Padre Pio Foundation of America.

So get started. 👊🏼🚀

And if you need help we are here for you.