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Our mission is to create growth and freedom by uniting people, data, and technology
“The Datamize team feels like part of our Elite Jets in-house team... They used data to guide the redesign of our new website and they completed it on an extremely tight schedule. Since launching our new website, there has been a 636% increase in flight quotes online, and our booked flights and revenue has dramatically increased as well...
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personalized solutions

About Us

"Datamize helps people at companies and nonprofits get more value from their data, technology, marketing, and sales experiences with the least effort."
Judah Fontz
CEO at Datamize
  • Database Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Revenue Growth Strategists
  • Solution Advisors
  • Business Analysts/Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data DevOps Engineers
  • Database Architects
  • Data Sourcing Strategists
  • Business Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence and Sales Intelligence Report Developers

Our Story


Hi, I’m Judah Fontz. I’m an entrepreneur and the CEO of Datamize.

Having worked with teams from all over the world in the data, digital, marketing, and advanced analytics space since 2008. I met a lot of talented people from all different backgrounds. 

And saw the most growth happen when people shared knowledge, had open and unfiltered conversations, and had direct access to data, technology, and information anytime they needed it. 

It was always frustrating when I could not get to the key information and data quickly from my phone or computer - to share with board members, investors, executives, employees, and clients at any given moment...

Direct access without waiting. 

So I decided to start Datamize in February of 2019.  

A place where leaders at companies and nonprofits can have direct access to better see their people, and their data, technology, marketing, and sales experience operations.

And where they will be excited to communicate with data and technology when they need it, from wherever they are. 

The result has been more energized and motivated people and increased revenue and profit for our clients.

We only work with companies and nonprofits...

here are a few of our clients...
  • that have good people
  • that work well with our team
  • that provide products or services of value
  • and who are serious about growing their organization and having a positive impact.
here are a few of our clients...

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We have uniquely skilled people who do great work for our clients.

And now we are making it even easier for our clients to access everything about their company or nonprofit from one spot at any time from anywhere. We are calling this new product your Datamize Engine. Contact us today. We want to show you.
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