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A database/digital marketing and technology strategist
A project manager and account manager
A data engineer and business intelligence analyst
A website developer and designer (UX and UI)
A video marketing and PR strategist
A professional copywriter
An omnichannel strategist
"At Elite Jets, we use the data intelligence and interactive visuals the Datamize team provides every day to better understand the pulse of our business, make informed decisions, and develop focused actions in our constantly changing environment. Datamize uses data (both public and private) to take our digital experience to the next level. Since we have been working with Datamize our revenue has dramatically increased, we are hiring more people, and adding jets to our fleet based on our predictive data analyses. If you have an opportunity to work with Datamize, I strongly recommend you take advantage of it."

Stephen Myers
Executive Vice President
"Our Datamize team is interesting, knowledgeable, and fun to work with! In our regular meetings, they always provide valuable recommendations and work collaboratively with our team to execute digital marketing strategies tailored to our unique needs. We had our biggest year ever and we want to continue to leverage data, new technology, and digital marketing strategies to create great experiences for our clients and employees. Datamize is a great partner to have on your team to stay ahead of the competition."

Beth Horn
Chief Growth & Marketing Officer
"I've been working with the Datamize team for about 6 months now, and couldn't be more pleased. They've guided me to target the right markets, assisted me in developing new products, and increased my sales. They are hard-working, smart, and reliable and take my business to heart. I now feel like I have a great marketing team that I can rely on. In addition, they are great people and a pleasure to work with."...read more

Martin Rossman
The Healing Mind

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Increase revenue
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Work with the revenue department to find innovative ways to communicate and generate sales. Support to increase revenue of all types (monthly recurring, single sales, new product development/packaging, partnerships, etc.)
Create a great experience
Design, architecture, and content build-out to improve the user (prospect and customer) experience and increase conversion rates (signups and sales) from visits. Technology (CRM, CMS, Live Chat, PWA, Payment Types, AI, etc) recommendation and integration to improve the experience and save time.
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Marketing optimization & intel
Marketing strategic/tactical plan, budget creation/allocation, and optimization. Marketing and revenue intelligence dashboard reporting for easy access at any time. This includes analytics, business intelligence, channel/source/medium campaign performance measurements, and reporting against plan and budget.
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Social media strategy
Social media strategy, planning, content creation, and execution. Monitor social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.). A repeatable and scalable system is created and executed.
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Research and discovery
Help identifying effective communication and strategies for targeting key audiences. Competitive research and identification of prospect and customer audiences; tracking and analyzation of news, trends, people, events, and topics of relevance/interest.
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Sponsored content and ads
Strategy, planning, and execution of all paid online advertising and sponsored social content. Includes Facebook/Instagram integration with direct mail. Plus paid search campaign/ad group/keyword strategy and execution.
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Email & SMS communication
Email content creation, copywriting, data strategy, and deployment. Strategies to grow, engage, and convert your email database. SMS programs are optional as well.
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Data sourcing & integration
Target audiences are clearly defined and located. Messaging development and deployment to target audiences. Data integration: online and offline, Data asset integration with your team and technology
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Operations for growth
Regular progress calls, monthly strategy calls, and quarterly business review strategy meetings. Plus access and communication through the operations, communication, and collaboration tool. A system and process to grow.
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