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mission possible

A platform and program where you can help people with their mental health and well-being. 

With a focus on veterans, first responders, and their families. In partnership with Martin Rossman, MD.

Nonprofits and companies...

Making an impact

If you are an organization that serves veterans, first responders, or their family members, you can help them now with their mental health and well-being.

Mission Possible is an innovative and efficient way to make a big impact. Your donors, supporters, and customers will love you when they see your impact.
"Allowing the Datamize team to revamp and take control of all of our digital communications has led to a staggering increase in online donations. Their mix of data, technology, and omnichannel fundraising expertise is very unique. They re-platformed our website and designed a great experience. From the website overhaul and content on social media to the data-powered technology to help veterans in need, we have seen tremendous growth and a positive shift in our organization."...read more
Joseph VanFonda
"I've been working with the Datamize team for about 6 months now, and couldn't be more pleased. They've guided me to target the right markets, assisted me in developing new products, and increased my sales. They are hard-working, smart, and reliable and take my business to heart. I now feel like I have a great marketing team that I can rely on. In addition, they are great people and a pleasure to work with."...read more

Martin Rossman
The Healing Mind

The 2023-2025 goal Is TO GEt...


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How the platform and program works

Experience integration
We integrate the Mission Possible program & platform into your technology and website experience. So you only get the added benefit without needing the extra people on staff to do this.
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Content created & deployed
We create, integrate, and deploy fundraising & marketing content to get donations and participants: socials, ads, emails, and web pages. You get great content without extra work.
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Experience management
The service & experience for those that register. Managed through the platform and coordinated with Dr. Marty Rossman and our team. We handle this all for you so there is no extra work on your side.
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Program with Dr. Marty
People get an immensely useful self-paced online course for well-being and mental health and live Q&A meetings with Martin Rossman, MD. More than 50 years of experience in Mind/Body medicine placed in one life-changing program.
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Stories and Feedback
We encourage sharing with those who are taking the course and meeting with Dr. Marty. They are opening up and inspiring each other. It's been very fulfilling to hear the stories and feedback and know that we are helping and connecting people. 
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Live data to show impact
We built live interactive data visuals to show your direct impact. That you can use as a tool to inspire donors, employees, board members, and customers to support the mission. Showing impact is essential, so we've made it easy for you. 
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Good mental health is essential for the success of individuals, families, and society.

An innovative and efficient way to make a big impact. See a live demo of how others are using Mission Possible.