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You can get free digital campaigns from the USPS.

August 25, 2021

I thought it was too good to be true for direct mailers.

So I contacted a USPS executive. She confirmed it is true. You get free campaigns.

They are called interactive campaigns. They show up near your direct mail piece, within the informed delivery emails from the USPS. And also in some other spots.

For businesses and nonprofits that send direct mail, this is very valuable extra exposure.

This means a lot of the people who are getting your direct mail campaign will also get your online message when they check their USPS informed delivery email and their dashboard.

For example. If you send 1 million mail pieces you can now get your interactive campaign placed in about 250,000 email messages. These emails get around a 64% open rate. That's at least 160,000 free views.

And you reach even more people because multiple people in the household can look at these emails. And your campaign can be shared on Facebook.

This open rate is extremely high. This is because people registered to get this email from the USPS to see a scan of what's coming in their mailbox that day.

There are already over 31 million registered households in the US getting these USPS informed delivery emails. That's about 25% of all US households.

And 42 million registered people getting these messages.

And these registered user numbers keep growing every month.

And for some segments, like new movers, they are seeing a 55%+ match rate.

You should start doing these now if you send direct mail. 

And if you need help...

I am excited to share that Datamize got approved by the USPS to execute these campaigns for any mailers.

You will get unique strategies and execution expertise.

And we are adding data intelligence and visualizations to take this to the next level for our clients.

If you want more detail, book a meeting with a Datamize Strategist.