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What does Mailchimp being bought for $12 billion by Intuit mean for you?

September 13, 2021

If you use Mailchimp and Intuit’s Quickbooks - you will now be able to more easily connect your marketing and sales data.

and take action more systematically, while still delivering a great experience as you grow the size of your customer base.

Which will help you increase your revenue and save you time at scale.

Several of our clients use both Quickbooks and Mailchimp...

before we started they were not connecting the marketing and sales data efficiently and did not have a scalable process for communication with their prospects and customers...

our team created data and marketing communication processes for them using other tools in combination with Mailchimp and Quickbooks and is executing for them as well...

so they are freed up from tedious work and can continue to deliver great products and services to their customers as they grow.

Now with this Intuit acquisition of Mailchimp, it sounds like it will be even easier, so all will benefit. 😊

If you need any help just hit the live chat at the bottom right and ask us. We are here for you.