Apply DATA Science to Your Organization

Machine learning-powered predictive modeling, AI, and more.

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  • More predictable and accurate marketing budgeting and forecasts
  • Happier employees who are empowered to make smarter marketing/advertising investment and campaign decisions
  • Increased enterprise value for your organization
  • Efficiency improvements to increase speed of analytic and reporting outputs for decision making.

Align with your goals and improve the metrics and KPIs that matter to you


  • Increase response rates
  • Acquire just high value customers
  • Decrease customer attrition
  • Increase LTV
  • Reactivate lapsed customers
  • Determine responsive segments.
  • Determine unresponsive segments and learn where to make adjustments to creative, timing, etc.



Apply Data Science

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Predictive Modeling / Machine Learning

Acquire, retain, and re-activate lapsed customers and gain accurate predictions for planning your direct marketing programs.

You can build models on the latest technologies to get the best results with the fastest turn-around time.

Clustering, Multivariate & Multi-linear Regression, Classification, and Ensemble Machine Learning Methods are used for predictive models.

Get smarter with each campaign

Move beyond suppression models; in addition to providing predictive scoring on your most likely to respond segments, you can move towards prescriptive by changing variables (creative, timing, frequency, etc.) and testing on the low response segments.

Get marketing intelligence reporting that is repeatable, easy-to-interpret and provides clear next steps.

get smarter with each campaign

A process-oriented approach to help you

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