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Facebook now has 2.93 billion monthly active users.

July 19, 2022

Facebook currently boasts 2.93 billion monthly active users.

Don't miss this opportunity to increase your funding...

As a nonprofit organization, you have the potential to raise additional funds without incurring significant expenses or overhead costs.

By doing so, you can amplify your positive impact.

Transform your followers into fundraisers, donors, and advocates for your cause.

Take this immediate step to engage your audience:

Develop captivating images/videos and powerful stories for your website's homepage.

Select key elements to feature on your Facebook page's cover photo and compose a compelling message for the "About" section. Ensure that the cover photo and "About" section complement each other to encourage users to take action.

This is crucial because your cover photo and "About" section are automatically displayed when people create Facebook fundraisers on behalf of your nonprofit.

When supporters feel good about contributing to your cause, they'll be more likely to raise funds during their birthdays and other life events, as well as participate in enjoyable challenges.

However, it's essential to simplify the process for them.

I've observed this approach working consistently for various nonprofits. Here's one example:

The following figures represent the additional funds raised through direct Facebook fundraisers for a nonprofit we've assisted over the last few years.

  • 2019: $39,685 (implemented three months in, so this covers nine months)
  • 2020: $91,783
  • 2021: $96,294

Although this particular nonprofit has a relatively small follower base compared to others, we equip their followers with the necessary tools to feel good about fundraising and make it effortless. Consequently, these supporters do more than just follow.

Remember that they began with no direct funds raised through Facebook for over a decade...

This extra funding significantly aids their cause, without requiring additional effort on their part. Supporters raise funds and advocate for the nonprofit because they feel good about doing so and have access to the appropriate tools that make it easy for them.

Moreover, this only accounts for direct Facebook donations.

The overall impact extends far beyond the $90k+ raised annually.

These figures don't include the indirect fundraising dollars and advocacy effects on other channels and mediums – such as direct mail, TV, email, websites, events, and one-on-one major donor/sponsor meetings – influenced by social fundraisers and advocates. I will discuss the broader impact at a later date.

I understand that these other channels and mediums are highly effective, so why not optimize their collective performance by empowering supporters where they spend their time and share content?

P.S. We are currently enhancing this approach by integrating an online-offline social conversation-to-conversion process...

This system will establish a deeper one-on-one connection between fundraisers acquired through Facebook and key individuals at the nonprofit, utilizing their CRM.

More details on this development will be provided later.

This advancement will enable nonprofits to raise even more funds, more efficiently, and generate an even greater impact.