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Experimental design and segmentation

Data intelligence, technology, marketing, and experience.
“The Datamize team feels like part of our Elite Jets in-house team... They used data to guide the redesign of our new website and they completed it on an extremely tight schedule. Since launching our new website, there has been a 636% increase in flight quotes online, and our booked flights and revenue has dramatically increased as well...
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Data intelligence, technology, marketing, and experience.

Improve your customer experience and boost your acquisition program performance with ongoing omni-channel audience segmentation strategies.

Determine which variable (channel, creative, timing, etc.) combinations lead to the greatest response and optimize your entire omni-channel marketing program by gaining knowledge on prospect and customer behavior each campaign. These strategies will be seamlessly built into your program.

Have your own omni-channel audience segmentation strategy roadmap that includes attribution performance reporting to guide upcoming decisions.

Improve your results with the least effort.

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