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Elite Jets + Datamize

June 1, 2021

Elite Jets has a true legacy of excellence. Their fleet features world-class Embraer jets representing the pinnacle of comfort, range, and efficiency. Their expertly trained team is on hand managing private jet charter experiences round the clock. And their pilots’ air mile averages over 10,000 each - seven times the industry standard to ensure safety.

When Datamize first connected with Elite Jets, their service was second to none, but they were leagues away from their sales potential. 

Like most entrepreneurs, the founders were very close to the business. Elite needed a neutral third party and some comprehensive data-fueled experiences. This is where Datamize came in.

We connected with Elite Jets Executive Vice President Stephen Myers - who we still work in partnership with today to grow and scale the business - and got to work.

Elite expectations

In the luxury industries, target audiences may be small, but their standards are exacting. Customers expect a first-class experience from the first interaction. And in the digital age, that first interaction is no longer a shopfront, but a website.

Quality, luxury, and prestige are all words that accurately described Elite Jets, but communicating these intangible concepts is much harder via a computer screen than it is from, say, the company’s polished personal private jet terminal in Naples. 

We needed to find a way to translate the Elite experience - the inviting terminal, warm people, and impressive in-person jet tours - to the online interface.

What we found

What Datamize found going into the early stages of analysis was that the online user experience was not successfully emulating the seamless experience Elite Jets offered in the real world. 

From a customer perspective, the navigation was confusing and lacked the satisfying first-rate experience they expected.  

From a corporate perspective, Elite Jets were not hitting the conversion rates they deserved. They were lacking CRM technology and the ability to document and monitor their sales and marketing processes. 

This was a handicap - without consistent and transparent data tracking, Elite was missing out on valuable and intelligent insights on a daily basis. 

The solution

Datamize’s first port of call was to radically transform the Elite Jets web experience using behavioral data and competitor analysis. We completely redesigned and built a new website. This included transforming the navigation and copy and creating new unique design elements (and we continue to manage and update the website).

When people think of data, they often think of page hits and click-through rates. And Datamize does use this data to reevaluate things like navigational tools, feeds, and the positioning of ‘Call To Action’ buttons. 

But our insights span holistically across our clients’ entire organizations, factoring in things like internal communication, marketing, finance tools, and the all-important outbound sales processes. We empower their team with data intelligence and technology to make them a dynamic and formidable customer experience and sales force.

By implementing new tech for each and streamlining communication, planning, and execution, we empowered Elite Jets to harness and proliferate their data insights rather than being governed by them. 

Finally, we implemented the tagline ‘Fly above the ordinary’. This was the aggregated result of team brainstorming, data analysis, and client feedback. It captured the prestige of the brand while remaining factual (private jets actually do fly higher than commercial planes).

As a result, Elite Jets saw:

  • A 227% increase in website visitors. 
  • 636% increase in online flight quotes/leads
  • A dramatic 317% increase in revenue. Elite Jets is adding more jets to the fleet and hiring more people!

The sky’s the limit 

We’ll continue to work closely with Elite Jets as they scale. We’re on hand to help with providing an unmatched customer experience in a uniquely agile and data-fueled way. 

We ensure our tactics are repeatable, scalable, and measurable. And we use predictive analytics and forecasting to always stay ahead of the curve of evolving customer needs.

An exceptional customer experience at scale for their prospects and travelers was at the heart of every move we made for Elite Jets. 

This is how we’re able to provide dramatic lifts in revenue for our clients.