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Don't lose the up to $120,000 per year of free paid search ad spend for your nonprofit...

March 31, 2022

Google makes $120,000 per year of free paid search ad spend available for your 501c3 nonprofit through their Google Ad Grants program.

Or if you are grandfathered into a Google GrantsPro ad account that is up to $480,000 of free ad spend per year.

Once your nonprofit is approved they break it down into a daily spend cap of $330 per day for Google Grants and $1,330 per day for Google GrantsPro.

But if you don’t capture the free spend each day, you lose it for that day.

So how do you capture as much of that $120k-$480k per year in free ad spend but also keep traffic from the people clicking through to your site targeted?

One very effective way is to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find keywords relevant to your nonprofit that will attract people who will support your mission. You can see the average number of monthly search forecasts for all those keywords with this tool also.

So use it to find the relevant keywords with consistent monthly search volumes and build custom landing page experiences that align with those searches.

This way when they click to your website they convert into subscribers, app downloads, and donors for your nonprofit.

Google has been making this free ad grant spend available since 2003 but most NPOs aren't getting the value out of it they could be. And many still haven’t applied to get the free ad spend.

If you are a nonprofit and want some help, Samira from our team will show you how to do this for free. Just hit the live chat button at the bottom right and we will get you set up. 😊