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Data for your people and machines:

In order to obtain the best value and results from your first-party and third-party data sources, you must know how to locate, blend, and connect them.

  • Quickly find the most responsive prospect audiences and acquire more customers.
  • Enhance your understanding of your customers and increase their loyalty by adding demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes.

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We help you source the right data to improve results

Here are just a few examples of the many data needs by role:

Data Scientists: You need feature-rich data elements to improve the performance of your predictive models.

Analysts: You need data on recent responders and non-responders to understand how a new ad campaign message resonates with different demographic audience segments.

Data Engineers: You need accurate data sources streamed through an API connection to your marketing automation or demand-side platform provider for omnichannel activation across channels.


CMOs: To improve customer experience and loyalty, you need to append location and behavioral data to your customer file. Additionally, for your acquisition program, you require market penetration data to determine where to allocate annual marketing and advertising spend for accelerating new customer acquisition.

Marketing Strategists: To create persona audience segments for your omnichannel customer loyalty program or to find modeled prospects who resemble your best customers and improve response rates on acquisition campaigns, you need modeled data.

CEOs: To comprehend market share and expansion opportunities for your company, you require data on how you benchmark against your biggest competitors.

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